Review: The Eye Eraser

The amount of posts I see about this product and how much everyone loves it makes me question writing this review but I feel like I need to give my honest opinion! I think this product is a waste of Β£7.99. I honestly didn’t think this product did anything for me! The coverage was way […]

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Review: Primark’s Silisponge

There was a brief moment where the Silisponge took over the world and everyone felt the need to purchase one – I was no different. This was a world before anyone had triedΒ to make a silicone beauty blender – a trend I’m not likely to test! I saw so many amazing looks created with just […]

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Primark Cosmetic Storage

A little trip to primark last weekend resulted in some fantastic finds for my cosmetic storage. I’m always looking for cute new ways to store my cosmetics and beauty tools so I was really pleased when I found these. The first item was a trio of storage pots in a clear, studded effect. This is […]

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Budget Beauty Blender

The beauty blender is insanely overpriced for a sponge, and yet so many people continue to purchase them! I’ve never been able to warrant spending Β£16 for a small pink sponge. A fantastic alternative to the beauty blender is a 2 pack of primark sponges that I purchased for just Β£1! It comes with a […]

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