New Brushes

I feel like I’ve not purchased any new brushes in so long…I’ve actually learned to clean the ones I already own! I guess this is the perk of finding brushes that you like. I have caved recently though! The first purchase was a bit of a fail with the fishtail foundation brush purchased from Amazon. … Continue reading New Brushes


Festive Fashion

Festive fashion is so difficult, finding something which is seasonally appropriate without bordering on tacky becomes so difficult this time of year. A good trick that I like to use for Christmas parties is to go with a super plain outfit and accessorise to the max! Going to a block colour outfit, for example, a … Continue reading Festive Fashion

Urban Decay: The Ultimate Gift for Any Makeup Lover

We all know that the Urban Decay eyeshadow palettes are beautifully pigmented and are a cult favourite among makeup bloggers so it’s no surprise that they’re providing us with the ultimate gift set! Urban Decay have released any makeup lover’s dream for Christmas this year – the 4some vault. This beautiful set contains the Naked, … Continue reading Urban Decay: The Ultimate Gift for Any Makeup Lover