Shower Favourites

I’m a firm believer that skincare/hair care doesn’t need to ridiculously expensive. I’d like to consider myself a bit of a bargain hunter – why pay a fortune for a high end product when you can get the same result for a fraction of the price?

The first example of this is the Nivea in Shower Body Moisturiser with Cocoa

This product is my favourite part of my shower, your skin feels amazingly moisturised with minimal effort and a tiny price tag. 

There’s nothing worse than getting out of the shower in the morning, moisturising and then having to wait half an hour for it to properly sink into your skin. 

I’ve tried so many moisturisers but none of them come anywhere close to making my skin feel as amazingly soft as this done. 

This product retails for just Β£3.00 and can be found in most Boots/Superdrug stores. 

I’m a sucker for Nivea products, this brand has been around forever and is always releasing products which work wonders for your skin. 

Nivea’s Diamond Touch Cream Shower Oil is a new favourite of mine. Again, this is a product which leaves your skin feeling beautifully soft, even without moisturising. The diamond shimmer leaves really tiny specks of fine glitter on your skin – and let’s be honest – how many girls can resist a little shimmer?

This product usually retails for Β£1.99 at your local Boots/Superdrug, however, you can pick it up for just Β£1 at Boots at the moment!

I’m a softie for a good price and the final two items on this list really magnify this. The Boots Fresh shampoo and conditioners are fantastic. My current favourite is the Boots Fresh & Crisp Apple.

These products are the biggest bargain on this list, retailing for just 75p each! I bought these by chance when it was coming to the end of the month and I was feeling the strain on my bank account from previous shopping trips! These shampoos & conditioners smell absolutely fantastic and will leave your hair feeling so soft and smelling fantastic. 


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