Recent Purchase 


The Nivea obsession continues this week with the purchase of the Daily Essentials Regenerating Night Cream for dry/sensitive skin. Until this point, I’ve never even considered using a night cream. Night cream is something I associate with a more mature age group, not a 20 year old. However, this product was on offer in Superdrug for just £2.15 and located directly next to the moisturiser that I always use, Nivea’s Daily Essentials Rich Moisturising Day Cream which I recently reviewed (here). At such a good price, I couldn’t resist giving this a try and comparing it with the day cream from the same range.

These products couldn’t be more difficult but I love them both! The night cream is far more hydrating than the day cream. The formula is slightly thinner than the day cream, however, you really don’t need to use much! This formula doesn’t soak into the skin as quickly as the day cream and can leave you with a slightly oily looking complexion in the morning.

Since I began using this a couple of weeks ago, I’ve found that my skin feels so much more hydrated now that I’m pairing the two products together. I haven’t had any dry patches and my makeup has been gliding on so smoothly. I’ve also found that I’m needing to use less of the products as my skin isn’t so dry to begin with.

I had added another new addition to my skincare routine, however, I don’t feel that I’ve been using it for long enough to see the results and review yet but I hope to be doing so soon!


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